Key points

The challenge isn’t funding. The challenge isn’t land. The challenge isn’t expertise. The real challenge is the lack of strong, global and scalable organizations, to get the job done.

Martijn Hekman,
Founder of

  • A mixture of trees, consisting of forest trees, fast growing soil improvement trees and fruit trees, are planted in and around existing forests, to capture carbon permanently, improve biodiversity and reduce soil-erosion.
  • The land, where these trees are planted, is given to, in concession by the Government of Malawi and therefore it is illegal, to cut these trees.
  • There is however, a local need for food, energy, and timber and therefore is setting up joint ventures with the local communities, to plant ‘community-trees’.
  • These ‘community trees’ will provide fruits, firewood and timber, such that the people are not tempted, to cut sponsor trees and take ownership of their own trees.
  • will develop these semi-commercial activities, to cover the cost for sponsor-tree protection, such that the whole set-up becomes self-sustaining.
  • To ensure, that the carbon emission of burning firewood by the local community is not forfeiting the purpose, thousands of fuel-efficient cook stoves will be provided, that are 70% more efficient. This means 70 % reduction of need for firewood.
  • There is also a big and increasing need for timber and firewood in the cities, which could still threaten forestation in the rural area’s, if not properly addressed.
  • This will be solved by setting up dedicated commercial projects, for creating new forest plantations, on bare plantation land, for firewood trees. Those trees, at the time of harvest, will be transformed into firewood pellets, for which there is a huge demand.
  • What will happen is, that these new firewood and timber forests with ‘investment trees’, will be continuously replanted, once trees are cut for serving the needs of the cities.
  • For the cities, more cooking efficiency can be created by creating wood pellets, which are not only easier to store and transport, but also burn with less CO2 emission.


Forest Conservation

We are planting millions of new trees in depleted forests, all over Malawi and we are working with local communities, providing them with wood alternatives and fuel efficient cook stoves, to reduce illegal logging of trees. We empower and support local farmers, to become wild forest guardians, protecting forests and planting trees at the borders of their farmlands.

Carbon Sequestration

Through planting trees and installing cook stoves, we are helping, to reduce global climate change, capturing and storing carbon dioxide and preserving our plantation through prevention and local engagement.

Fuel Efficient Cookstove

Our technology solutions: 180 will install about 200.000 cook stoves over the next 3 years. Each cook stove will reduce the need for firewood by 70%. It will significantly contribute to the reduction of lung diseases, injuries and burn, especially for young children.

Large Scale Tree Planting

(fruit, nuts, forest and for timber & firewood). Our main priority is planting trees in developing countries, where there is lots of land available and where the cost of planting is low. With our ‘boots on the ground’ approach, we can plant tens of millions of trees every year.

Green Technology Solutions

We strongly believe, that innovative technology is crucial for us, to achieve success. Technology provides the ability, to monitor every single tree, we plant, with GPS locations, photos, and growth updates at a minimal cost. It allows us, to provide 100% transparency and the most relevant and up-to-date data, about each and any tree, we plant.