About 180.works

There are already many good initiatives around tree planting and forest protection but the need and opportunities to address climate change are much bigger. The biggest challenge seems to be that the current ‘projects’ have limited capabilities to scale up based sustainably without distorting some related ecosystem.
✓ We believe addressing climate change requires more than ‘projects’ but rather redesigning entire ecosystems for the benefit of all stakeholders.
✓ We believe that there is a need and an opportunity for a more long-term view, applying a more holistic approach for both reducing emissions and capturing C2s.
✓ We believe that all ingredients are available to make the change work but it requires a better more sustainable connection of all the pieces of the puzzle.

“The challenge is not funding. The challenge is not land. The challenge is not expertise.
The real challenge is a lack of strong globally scalable implementers to get the job done.”

Martijn Hekman,
Founder of 180.works


Our focus in 2021 and 2022 will be 5 core solutions which will bring more scale, spread the risks better and develop the 180.works model for different circumstances and requirements.

Forest Conservation

Planting millions of new trees in depleted forests all over Malawi, and work with local communities providing them with wood alternatives and fuel efficient cookstoves to reduce the illegal cutting of trees. We empower and support local farmers to become wild forest guardians to protect the forests and plant trees on their borders of their farmland.

Carbon Sequestration

Through planting trees and installing cookstoves, we are helping reduce global climate change by capturing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Fuel Efficient Cookstove

Technology Solutions. 180 will install about 200.000 cookstoves in the next 3 years. Each cookstove will reduce the need for firewood by 70% and will significantly contribute to reduction of long related diseases and protection of burn wounds with young children.

Large Scale Tree Planting

(fruit, nuts, forest and for timber & firewood). Our main priority is planting trees in developing countries where there is lots of land available and where the cost of planting is low. With our ‘boots on the ground’ approach, we can plant tens of millions of trees every year.

Green Technology Solutions for cost saving and transparency

We are strong believers that innovative technology is crucial for us to achieve success. Technology provides 180.works the ability to monitor every single tree we plant with GPS locations, photos, and growth updates at a minimal cost. This allows us to provide a 100% transparent service and the most accurate and up-to-date information about each tree we planted.