“If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us.”

Sir David Attenborough

We believe in turning climate change around. This 180.works is focusing on three core solutions

1) Deployment of carbon emission-efficient cookstoves
We install wood-efficient cookstoves in local communities. Households have a cleaner cookstove that saves up to 67%. This decreases the amount of firewood used for cooking thus slowing down the cutting of trees.
The cookstoves are installed by local 180.works trainers. Via long range WPLAN technology and use of our IoT Bluetooth temperature sensors, we monitor usage. The data ensure an accountable reduction of carbon emissions.
We continuously monitor and share our data with our partners to increase our impact.

2) firewood & timber tree farms
180.works will be planting sustainable fast-growing trees on a large scale in Malawi which are exclusively meant for the use of firewood and the use of timber to build houses and make furniture. This will prevent further loss of existing forests. Our tree farms are strategically located in close proximity where 180.works is engaged with local communities.
We involve local communities to manage, maintain and create income via our 180 tree farms.

3) Large-scale natural forest regeneration
Via our foundation, 180.earth we regenerate forests. In collaboration with the Government of Malawi, we manage the natural reforestation of up to 80 forests, covering 1 million hectares. We use a proven approach to the natural regeneration of forests. 180.earth manages and protects the forests long-term.
The forest itself should do the work, and human interference should be minimized; no more illegal harvesting of timber and firewood by the local community nor herds of goats grazing to prevent small regenerating trees from being destroyed. As existing underground root structures are the basis for regeneration, first results are already clearly visible in just two years.

180.works – a GreenTech company

Creating transparency of data and effective use of technology to monitor and manage installed coockstoves:

Cookstove usage is monitored and audited by independent monitoring teams.

Use of IoT-driven temperature monitoring sensor technology

The status of cookstoves clusters will be registered in the 180.works secure carbon credits consolidation and distribution ERP platform

Monitoring the regeneration forests, we regeneration passports will be created and including geo-tagged location, images, smart phone-based survey apps to provide frequent status reports on growth and carbon captured.