Our foundation, 180.earth is actively partnering with the Government of Malawi. The foundation manages the natural reforestation of up to 80 forests, covering 1 million hectares and 180.earth focuses entirely on acquiring and rejuvenating forests that have been destroyed by excessive logging. By 2040 we’re set to save five million hectares of forests. These are forests that will offer refuge to wildlife, reduce local temperatures, and help retain groundwater.

There is a global need to (re)grow more trees to turn around the deforestation that contributes to climate change. This requires a different approach with a different mindset, including partnering with stakeholders, increased transparency, and better monitoring. That’s where 180.works comes in, we turn deforestation 180 degrees around to create a sustainable solution

The approach developed by 180.works is leveraging local engagement and expertise using the latest technology and advanced data science for verifiable and auditable “proof of work “and “proof of impact” reporting for all stakeholders involved.

180.works believes that the African continent can play an unprecedented role in fulfilling the need for large natural forest conservation, delivering large-scale carbon offsets.

Planning to install over 10 million cookstoves by 2040 180.works is positioned to scale. We set to save five million hectares of forests managed by 180.earth.

For the coming few years, we will invest heavily in cookstoves and tree farms using 180.works our company, After the cookstove stage is complete, 180.earth will become the primary beneficiary of the profits generated by the cookstoves.