About 180.works

180 Holdings B.V (180) was registered in 2019 in The Netherlands with a focus on large scale development of trees nurseries, the planting of trees and the protection of existing forests. We have been active in Malawi since December 2019 with our sister company 180.Solutions Malawi Ltd.

Our Vision

To become the largest, most sustainable, most transparent, and cost-effective tree planting company in the world


180.works will build a scalable solution and enter into partnerships with a digital platform, connecting the capacity and capabilities of all stakeholders.

Most sustainable

Our approach at 180.works is to develop a self-sustainable ecosystem, respecting the environment and balancing the interests of all stakeholders.

Most transparent

Partnerships should be based on trust, which is why our activities have broad involvement, strong engagement, and full transparency.

By 2040 we want to have planted billions of trees with the aim to create, protect and regenerate millions of hectares of forest. By doing this we will provide employment to hundreds of thousands of people whilst providing alternatives to millions of people to stop destroying existing forests.

We don’t talk; we do.

We already work with communities and farmers from the beginning to the end of the process to ensure everything works smoothly.

Many tree planting organisations are unable to provide efficient aftercare. Our work bridges this gap and makes sure every tree in the 180.works program has its own ‘guardian angel’.

Our team consists of environmental and Technology superheroes.

Our team has extensive experience in highly complex fields and are well equipped to getting the job done.

We are in the essence a technology firm. We are a platform which enables large scale tree planting.

Thanks to our innovative technology we will be able to reduce tree-planting cost drastically and have accurate information about all our trees.

We can map trees on tree level by photographing every tree, using GPS geo tagging and applicable farmer information.

We use technology such as:
• Blockchain
• Drones
• Artificial Intelligence
• Advanced Online Tree Management Platform

Our Team

At the heart of 180.works is our team of dedicated and experienced professionals. Witha combined experience of 100+ years in agriculture/ forestry development programming and technology/blockchain development and a passion to make a change in our world.

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