The 180 Story

Many organizations within the charity sector are exhausting the limited resources they have available, relying on outdated and inefficient models that first need to fund themselves before deploying critical aid with whatever funds remain. We believe that a paradigm shift is needed, and in order to radically change the charity sector, a 180-degree turn is imperative.

180 is a social technology firm that aims to revolutionize the way we do good. Positioning itself as an innovative, cash-based global service-provider, 180 plans to harness the latest blockchain technology and the knowledge of key last mile experts to create a unique peer-to-peer platform that connects givers to receivers.

By eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure, 180 will be able to put as much as 80% of the allocated funds directly to the beneficiary 180 utilizes mobile network coverage tooperate and accomplish lasting impact.


180 safely reaches the intended recipients directly


180 transactions are instant and completed in seconds


transactions are traceable and visible in real time


blockchain technology will enable 180 to reduce the cost of charity projects by 80%


180 directly connects person A (sender) and person B (receiver)


180 model empowers people and places our planet’s future on the top of its priorities

About Us

The Problem

Many organizations within the traditional charity sector continue to rely on outdated and inefficient models with myriad layers of administration and middlemen when allocating donated funds. These layers have been known to utilize as much as 80% of the donated funds prior to deploying critical aid with the funds that remain, sometimes as little as 20% of total donated funds going to the people and areas that need assistance the most.

180 Solution

180 plans to transform the $1 trillion charity sector through the development of an unparalleled peer-to-peer network, powered by Stellar Blockchain, accessed through an app for donations and distribution of funds. This allows for efficiency, full transparency and up to an 80% cost reduction over traditional charitable organizations.

By harnessing the latest blockchain technology, 180 positions itself as an innovative and global cash payment service provider, backed by an extremely experienced Last Mile project implementation team.

The 180 peer-to-peer platform aims to connect donors to fund receivers who need assistance. Eliminating the need for a middleman and numerous corporate layers, 180 plans to allocate 80% or more of donated funds directly to beneficiaries.

Using the latest development in global blockchain networks, i.e. Stellar, results in inexpensive global payment options & the ability for external parties such as governments or private donors to easily audit the system. Transactions through the 180-operational chain will be visible, traceable, immutable, permanent and therefore, auditable. This makes 180 one of the first truly transparent aid and development organization in the world.

180 plans to use Stellar Blockchain to manage world-wide donations and project payments scalable to millions of people in need of work and assistance, resulting in completed transactions for a fraction of traditional transactions costs in just a matter of seconds.

How 180 works

Proof of Concept

Recently 180 conducted a field pilot in an extreme environment helping stranded refugees in Syria at the Jordanian Border. Here, 180 managed to assist thousands of people with crucial relief, using smartcards and fingerprint scanning, combined with a remotely based payment management application.

Last Mile Project Implementation Experience

180’s core strength is in the last mile. Around the world, 180 plans to have resources available, to effectively deploy in response to global disasters and crises.  180 will constantly monitor locations for humanitarian crisis and will have rapid response points around the world to be available to immediately assist. The Last Mile is 180’s philosophy to get the work done through mobilized networks, global sponsors and a motivated, altruistic force.

Forecasted Potential 180 Revenue Streams

180 is not a charity, but rather 180 is a for profit organization with potentially 5 streams of revenue. These revenue streams are forecasted to be from approximately 20% service fees on all sponsored transactions to be used for operational expenses, bids for tendered work, implementing third party projects on behalf of other charitable organizations, sale of data collected real-time on-the-ground, and establishing a high impact fund for funding large innovative technology impact projects globally.

We are passionate about solving problems with clarity, simplicity and honesty.

Not to brag, but worth mentioning that 180 has been established with:

  1. Over 100 years of combined experience in charity and humanitarian aid, including last mile implementation
  2. European blockchain pioneers and technical experts support
  3. American compliance and legal approval
  4. State of the art blockchain platform for instant/safe/transparent Peer-2-Peer transaction
  5. Most amazing funky, diverse, creative and open-minded team who want to do good in the world and have fun along the way


180 is founded by a team of experienced humanitarian and technology professionals with a combined experience of 100 years in Humanitarian Programming & Technology/Blockchain Research & Development. We managed over $2 billion value of aid and development projects during past 20 years.

Martijn has 20-years’ experience in international humanitarian emergency management, spanning 20 countries. Working with U.N. charities, Fortune 500 companies and startups, he oversaw successful implementation of 50+ complex international aid projects, worth more than $1 billion USD. Martijn has founded and invested in several successful enterprises.

Martijn Hekman, 180 Founder

Herman is pioneering new technology for the semantic web, researches cryptography, and lectures about cryptocurrencies, AI and blockchain technology. He is also the founder of Byelex, helping organizations maneuver avant-garde technology through tailored software and tech solutions.Herman also founded Liqwith, revolutionizing lending markets through tokenizing.

Herman Vissia, PhD Co Founder

Jelena is a humanitarian and development aid professional with 11 years’ experience in grant acquisition and implementation management in various field contexts: Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Serbia, Afghanistan, and more. Working with USAID, EUAid, DFATD, DFID, and Echo, amongst others. She has worked across emergency and stabilization sectors, including juridical reform, health, nutrition, WASH and competitive market development. Jelena is Serbian, living in the Netherlands and considers herself a global nomad as part of our Management Team.

Jelena Bozinovski, Field Program Coordinator

Mark has over 30 years of diverse experience in operations , talent management, early-stage startups and Front-line Humanitarian projects. He enjoys the challenge of finding solutions in high pressure environments. Mark has successfully launched various fast-growing businesses in the Human Capital sector and brings these and his Humanitarian expertise to the 180 team.

Mark Ratnavira, Chief of Operations Officer (COO)

Anton received Financial Mathematician education at Belarusian State University and now works as a software developer. He has implemented various software projects in business areas, including sales forecasting, health center data monitoring, event management, insurance and file sharing. Anton is proficient in all software development phases, from problem analysis with customers, to implementation, hosting and support. Currently, Anton focuses on software architecture, blockchain technologies and cloud services.

Anton Zalesky, Senior Developer

Since the 1990s, Sergey’s deep interest in computer programming has taken him to international programming contests and higher education, leading to a degree in Applied Mathematics. He has developed software for more than 20 years and spent 8 years teaching university-level computer science courses. Sergey’s projects are vast and span ERP systems, distributed computing, pattern recognition, big data, AI and ML.

Sergey Gafurov, Senior Developer


Paul Bell brings 20+ years’ experience in senior level program management in public and private sectors. He has worked in various roles in international development, including business teaching and mentoring in several countries: Afghanistan, Vietnam, Ireland, Laos, amongst others. As a founder and investor of various entities, Paul combines business with technology to solve real-world problems. A UK national, Paul lives in Belgrade, Serbia, where he’s a founding member of the Venture Growth Accelerator, Serbia’s first angel investment group.

Paul Bell, Humanitarian Program Advisor

Vladimir is a senior marketer with 10 years of experience in his field. He has worked for multinational FMCG companies, where he has held various brand marketing roles and has managed marketing for various leading brands in Southeastern Europe.

Vladimir Milojevic, PR & Marketing Advisor

Lynn brings 25+ years’ experience in compliance and risk management for industry and advisory services. She serves as an advisor and outsourced-CCO for several companies utilizing DLT, AI, loT and related technologies globally. She provides customized compliance, operational policies and procedures, while advising on business models, strategies and token-structuring. Lynn’s work focuses on compliance maintenance with regulatory guidelines, as companies innovate and evolve towards sustainability.

Lynn Connolly, Compliance

Mila has worked in management consulting, financial auditing and advising, and information technology. Her expertise covers integration of ERP systems, with specific core business services advising in the SME sector, including process-flow optimization and financial reporting. Her expertise has grown over the last 5 years working in energy management,with a focus on energy intelligence and analysis. Mila works with 180 as an advisor, focusing on investment analysis, business model creation, and support for designing 180 collaboration models.

Mila Vicquery, Business and Finance Professional

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